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Are you looking for something special that will bring your interior design ideas together in a spectacular package? Do you sometimes get tired of the same old boring walls and paint treatments? You should consider faux finishing in Shrewsbury, MA. You've probably heard of faux finishing for paint, but maybe you've never considered it as way to bring colors and textures out. We are Taubert Painting, and we work with customers in Shrewsbury and all over area in bringing their walls to life with faux finishing. Here is an overview of our services:

Trim work -- We can give you trim an immensely interesting and appealing look. With a wide range of textures and faux finish patters, your trim will serve as the perfect complement to other paint elements on the walls and in the room. 

Painting services -- When you need faux finishing in Shrewsbury, MA, we are the company for all of your painting services.

Stunning paint -- If you haven't considered faux painting, you should. It is an easy way to give your rooms and walls a stunning look. It can totally transform a room with a special paint application, and we are the company that has unmatched expertise in faux finishing.

Bold accents -- Faux finishing is a very low-touch way of adding bold accents to your walls and trim.

Murals and color patterns -- If you are ready to really add a touch of flair to your walls and trim in your home, then you may want to consider our applications for murals or color patterns. We can customize a mural to fit your room and your ideas for illustration. Or, you may want a color pattern that is specific to the needs of your room. We can do either for you in new and refreshing ways.

Give us a call for all your faux finishing in Shrewsbury, MA.