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The idea of remodeling and repainting your home is always fun. But sometimes it's the little things that can take the joy out of the job - like taking down old wallpaper. Sometimes you need some help, and for wall paper removal in Shrewsbury, MA, we are the company to call. We are Tuber Painting, and we handle all aspects of residential painting, including the messy job of getting rid of your old wallpaper. Here are some of the advantages of using us for your wallpaper removal:

  • Safe - All of the methods we use for getting rid of old paper are safe and effective. We don't use any harsh or dangerous chemicals that would damage the walls or be dangerous for children or pets.
  • Save time and money - As the old adage goes..."How much is your time worth?". The answer is that it is worth a lot. We can save you time and money by freeing you from the extremely time-intensive but necessary task of removing old wallpaper.
  • Experienced and thorough - We are extremely experienced at wallpaper removal in Shrewsbury, MA, and we can do it quickly, effectively and at costs that are cheap. This is why you should call on us for all of your wallpaper removal needs when you are planning for a remodel or just a new paint job.
  • Every room in the house - We are equipped and ready to remove all of the old wallpaper in every room of your house. We can do it upstairs or down, on landings and in the hallway. We can provide service for any room in the house.
We are clean and experienced in wallpaper removal for all of your jobs, and we are thorough in everything that we do. To save you time and hassle on your next remodel job, let us handle wallpaper removal in Shrewsbury, MA.